Feb '14 Update - My Comedy TV Debut

Comedy TV Debut!

I just appeared on Gotham Live with WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley. Mick was kind enough to ask me to come perform a bit we’ve been doing on the road together for the live TV Show. My comedy TV debut was just like I had always imagined: as a half-naked man. I will try to get a clip from the show for my website for those that missed it.

iTunes Featured Podcast Interview

I was also just interviewed for The Marcus Monroe Show, an iTunes Featured podcast that focuses on comedians, variety acts and other performers. I had so much fun chatting with my friend and juggler extraordinaire about writing, performing and transferring colleges six times. If some people have a face for radio, I have a voice for silent movies, but you should still check it out anyway. Listen here.

Sketch Show Tuesday!

I’m really excited about the work my sketch team National Scandal has been doing lately and Tuesday we will be debuting my favorite sketch we’ve ever written. It’s also a huge show for us because our theater’s new artistic director (read as our new boss) will be seeing us for the first time. Please come laugh at us as social proof that we are funny and should continue performing together. National Scandal will also be returning to StageFest at the Landmark Loew’s Theatre in Jersey City next month. We had a wonderful time last year at this three day festival of theatre, music and dance in the gorgeous historic theatre.

I have a lot of other fun things in the works that I look forward to sharing soon. I hope everyone is having a happy and healthy 2014.



Upcoming Shows

Feb 18 | National Scandal, 8PM @ The PIT | Sketch Comedy
Mar 7 | Florence, 8PM @ Brit Pack | Improv Comedy
Mar 16 | National Scandal, 5PM @ Creek and the Cave | Sketch Comedy
Mar 21 | National Scandal, 10:15PM @ Loew’s Theatre, Jersey City | Sketch Comedy
Mar 22 | National Scandal, 10:15PM @ Loew’s Theatre, Jersey City | Sketch Comedy
Apr 6 | Florence, 8PM @ The PIT | Improv Comedy
Apr 19 | National Scandal, 11PM @ Triple Crown | Sketch Comedy