Send Me A BDay Video

I know a lot of you live far away and can not make my birthday show 4/11 (read all about it here). But I want so badly for all of my friends/family/followers to be involved with this show! SO I'm asking folks that can't make it to send me a video message instead. It could be why you can't make it, happy birthday wishes or really whatever your creative heart desires. I will show the most entertaining ones at the show. THAT'S RIGHT YOU COULD PERFORM WITH ME ON A REAL NYC STAGE! Virtually speaking of course. Here's some tips for your video...

  • make it entertaining - I know you have it in you
  • keep it short - under 30 seconds is good, it's the Internet after all
  • have fun - go nuts, really how many times in life do you NOT have someone telling you exactly what to do?

When your masterpiece is ready, or you're out of time and just don't care anymore, tweet me a link to @jenbloods using #jenbloods. Or if you don't have Twitter you can email the link to me. Videos needs to be received by noon 4/11 to be considered for the show.

I can't wait to see what you guys come up with and I can't wait to show a bunch of amazing videos at the show. I'm trying to get the show streamed on the Internet so your video could literally be seen by millions of people! Or at least my mom.