August 2012



I am producing my first show! I wanted to do something to say thank you to my Twitter-base for getting me to 5,000 followers, so I decided to put on a free night of comedy for them featuring my improv teams Florence and Dam Science as well as my sketch team National Scandal. The show is aptly named the Jenifer Bloodsworth 5k Show. It is 8pm Friday 8/3 at Under St. Marks Theater and will be hosted by Stand Up Comedian Abbi Crutchfield.



I just taped a segment for MTV’s Made helping to teach improv to a young man that is an aspiring stand up comic. The episode will air in December. Also I think I somehow forgot to mention this last month, but I was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon back in June. I appeared alongside several other UCB performers as we set the Longest Pop n Lock Armwave record. It was fun stuff.



My all women’s improv team Florence is hosting our first show as well this month called Flo(Motion). Performing with us on the show is UCB Floyd team Graceland and UCB Harold team GoodGirl. The show is 7:30pm Saturday 8/5 at the Players Theater. I also have a buch of other improv shows coming up so check out my performance schedule for the most up to date info.



My sketch team National Scandal continues to perform original sketch comedy at The People’s Improv Theater (The PIT) on the first and second Tuesday of each month.  We will also be sitting in as resident “sketch-perts” for a new sketch jam where people can bring in sketches they are working on and get feedback back. National Scandal will be hitting the road in September to perform at JC Fridays in Jersey City, NJ.